PO Box 36
Fanwood NJ 07023

Rescue Hotline: 732-920-8242
Fax: 855-416-5776
E-mail: info@njsrn.org


Schnauzer Chauffeurs (aka Transport Volunteers)

NJSRN's Schnauzer Chauffeurs (transport volunteers) help move NJSRN's rescued dogs from one place to another. Whether transporting to or from a veterinarian, Schnauzer Sitter (foster home), or an NJSRN member, our Schnauzer Chauffeurs help us to move dogs from former home to permanent home as quickly as possible. You can apply online now. Once submitted, this form is forwarded automatically to NJSRN.transport.jpg

Above: Maxwell and Ladybug are safely harnessed and ready for a road trip!