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(Required Adoption Donations)

Our dogs come from a variety of sources. Whether we take in a dog from its original owner or we rescue it from a shelter, we attempt to find out as much as possible about that dog. We want to know its likes and its dislikes. What is its routine? Has it lived with kids, cats, or other dogs? Does it show signs of separation or other anxiety? What is its medical history? Does it have any existing medical conditions? Does it "play well with others?" Is it overly-protective of its toys, its food, or its people? NJSRN's "Schnauzer Sitters" (aka foster families) play a critical role in helping us to create a profile for each dog in our care. Using that profile, we review our waiting list to find a family that matches the dog's needs.

As we work to develop a profile of what each dog needs in its permanent home, we begin to review our waiting list to identify applications that may match the dog's needs. Using our waiting list, we are sometimes able to identify a permanent home before the dog is listed on our website, so we encourage you to complete and submit your adoption application promptly.