PO Box 36
Fanwood NJ 07023

Rescue Hotline: 732-920-8242
Fax: 855-416-5776
E-mail: info@njsrn.org



sherlock.jpgIf you can spot the real Schnauzer among the toys in this photo you, too, can become one of NJSRN's "Sherlock Schnauzers" - individuals who help us search for clues leading to Schnauzers in need! Sherlock Schnauzers scour their community, local shelters, papers, bulletin boards, and the Internet. When you find a Schnauzer in need, e-mail us at info@njsrn.org or contact our rescue hotline at 732-920-8242. If no one is available when you call, please leave your name, area code, and phone number. We will return your call as quickly as possible.

One online site that our members monitor to learn about Schnauzers in need is the Schnauzer Rescue Message Board, but there are also many other places that you can check. If you would like help in finding resources to help you identify and locate Schnauzers in need, please e-mail us at info@njsrn.org.